Doubt cast over film maker Roland Emmerich as true director of Anonymous

A distinguished member of BAFTL (British Academy of Film and Television Luvies) has expressed doubt over the true identity of the director of the film Anonymous. Until recently the renowned director Roland Emmerich has been credited with directing the film Anonymous (the film casts doubt over the authorship of William Shakespeare's plays).

Sir Rhys P*sshead who starred in the movie as the aristocratic Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford states that he does not remember seeing Roland Emmerich on the set...."It was all a blur" and this proves that he was not the director.

Leading academics have also joined in the debate stating that Emmerich being German could not possibly have directed a film in English as it is a different language. They also say that there is no way that an unsophisticated boy from the sticks (Emmerich was born in the witch hunting German town of Sindelfingen) could know how a movie camera works.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journey the much respected 186 year old Supreme Court justice, John Saul Stevens visited Sindelfingen in 1856 and found no evidence of movie making equipment. But he did find evidence of witchcraft in Sindelfingen which might explain Emmerich joining the Shakespeare witch-hunt......

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