Supreme Court Judge Stevens refutes William Shakespeare's authorship of his plays


Methinks Supreme Court Justice Stevens doth protest too much !

If I were an American citizen I would be seriously worried about the state of the nation's judicial system.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal (April 2009) a Supreme Court justice, John Paul Stevens is such an ignoramus that he believes that William Shakespeare was not the author of all the plays that we know and love.

And on what evidence does the cream of the American judiciary base his opinion?

Well from the reports it seems that Mr Stevens finds it impossible to believe that a "butcher's boy" from Stratford upon Avon could possibly write such works of genius. Or to put it another way that "all men are not created equal". Butcher's boys from the sticks can not possibly be as clever as aristocrats, and by inference chief justices. Mr Stevens believes another person to be the true author. Guess who? No not Mr Stevens, although he is very very old, but the aristocratic 17th earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere.

De Vere fits the bill perfectly, he would have been clever, very clever (like a Supreme Court Judge), he would have been posh, very posh, just like a Supreme Court Judge. The whole of Mr Justice Stevens arguments are based on nothing more than snobbery. But the poor fellow is not alone, there are many British and American snobs, usually from Academia, who agree that a person who did not attend university like themselves could not possibly be clever enough to write the works of Shakespeare.

The rest of Mr Stevens arguments are no more substantial than the above.

After a visit to the Shakespeare Birthplace in Stratford upon Avon Justice Stevens concluded that Shakespeare had no books and that this was more evidence to refute his authorship ( erm ...but Shakespeare left the scene of the incident some 400 years ago Your Honour).

Shakespeare is also accused of never attending the Royal Court and thus would have been incapable of writing about ....the Royal Courts.

Well, that's it, that seems to be the sum of Mr Stevens "evidence". No matter that Kurt Vonnegut Jr had not visited the planet Titan before writing The Sirens of Titan, nor that HG Wells had not seen a Martian spaceship before writing the War of the Worlds. Mr Stevens seems not to have heard of the phrase "using one's imagination".

If this is the standard of intelligence in the american courts then God Help The USA.

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